Women of Color in STEM 2023 Virtual Summit

From Glass Ceiling to Glass Cliff: 

Breaking Barriers and Achieving Leadership Goals

Sunday, February 19 - Friday, 24, 2023
Daily at 7 pm ET 

As you know the "glass cliff" refers to a situation in which women are promoted to higher positions during times of crisis or duress, or during a recession when the chance of failure is more likely.

While the recent increase of Black, Latinx and Indigenous women in America being promoted and receiving leadership roles may appear as if they are breaking the glass ceiling, we must question if they are actually on glass cliffs. 

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The upward mobility in Black, Indigenous and Latinx women's careers since the murder of George Floyd has increased!

I say "Congratulations! I know you're going to do well in this role. #SlayHer"

But in the pit of my stomach, some of these organizations have women on the "Glass Cliff."

Put simply, women in these situations are set up for failure.

Why does this happen?

During times of distress like a recession, pandemic or company turmoil, people usually prefer the women to lead them or at least their leadership styles.

When it comes to Black, Indigenous and Latinx women, some organization's leaders will use their failure to prove a point.

"This proves these types of people are NOT fit for these level roles."

Don’t let it!

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There are no tickets available to purchase at this moment in time

However, too often these are performative words and actions.

Women are judged harshly when it comes to promoting them to leadership roles.

If they are placed in failing roles, their lack of qualifications and preparedness are blamed for the organization's failure, which isn't supposed to be so.

It can appear to be a no win situation too often!

However, it appears to be an opportunity for progress and achievement.

So as a Black, Indigenous, and Latinx woman in the United States, glass cliffs should be leveraged strategically!

Why would I say this?

Instead of focusing on the fact that underrepresented women leaders are being set up for failure, we should focus on succeeding against those who doubt us.

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There are no tickets available to purchase at this moment in time

You are a leader!

You are strategic!

You are a force!

You are all of these things and more.

Leveraging your current acumen and skills, you can win on a Glass Cliff role.

Find out how during “From Glass Ceiling to Glass Cliff:

Breaking Barriers and Achieving Leadership Goals” virtual summit.

During this virtual summit, you will walk away with knowing how to:

• Interview a Company to Determine Its Culture and A Glass Cliff Role

• Build Your support System To Thrive During A Glass Cliff Role

• Creating An Exit Strategy - Win or Lose

• Leveraging A Glass Cliff To Your Benefit

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